Please note that December auditions are for new students only and for the specific instrument openings listed below. Thank you!


GTCYS auditions are opportunities to play your instrument so we can get to know you and match you with one of our ten incredible orchestras. Our 2021-22 season runs September 2021 – May 2022, and marks the 50th anniversary of GTCYS. To audition for GTCYS, you will register online, record a video, and submit your audition online. Please contact program assistant Katie Heilman at katie@gtcys.org or 651.602.6803 if you have any questions about the audition process or requirements. We’re here to help!

Register for an Audition

Steps for December Auditions

  1. Register for an audition.
  2. Follow your instrument audition requirements (below).
  3. Practice, practice, practice!
  4. Record your audition video and submit it online by December 7 to be considered for placement for second semester, January-May 2022.
    Auditions are currently being reviewed on a rolling basis and placed according to instrument needs and openings (listed further down).

Audition Requirements

Click your instrument to download your audition requirements. Follow the steps outlined and you’ll be on your way to a great audition! If you don’t have access to a printer or a digital device to view the audition requirements, please contact us and we’ll mail you the materials.


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Audition Timeline

The main auditions for GTCYS’ school-year orchestras are held in the spring of the current season. All other auditions are reviewed on a rolling basis and placed according to instrument needs and openings.

  • Spring: Main auditions for the following season
  • July – August: Late auditions
  • September – October: Auditions accepted on a rolling basis depending on openings
  • November – December: Second-semester auditions for specific instrument openings
  • January – February: Auditions accepted on a rolling basis depending on openings

2021-22 Instrument Openings

GTCYS currently has openings for the following instruments in the following orchestras:

  • Violin: openings in all orchestras except Sinfonia West and Camerata
  • Viola: openings in all orchestras
  • Cello: openings in all orchestras except Philharmonia West and Camerata; openings in Concertino West and Philharmonic are limited
  • Bass: openings in all orchestras except Concertino East
  • Flute: limited openings in Sinfonia East, Concertino West, Camerata, Concert Orchestra, Philharmonic, and Symphony
  • Oboe: openings in Sinfonia East, Sinfonia West, Concertino West, Camerata
  • Clarinet: openings in Sinfonia East, Concertino East, Concertino West, Camerata
  • Bassoon: openings in all orchestras except Concertino East
  • Horn: openings in all orchestras except Symphony
  • Trumpet: openings in all orchestras
  • Trombone: openings in all orchestras
  • Tuba: openings in Sinfonia East, Sinfonia West, Concertino East, Concertino West, Camerata
  • Percussion: openings in all orchestras

Tuition Assistance

Through tuition assistance and support for private lessons, GTCYS makes our programs affordable for all interested students, regardless of financial constraints. Learn more here.

Health and Safety Plans

The safety of our students and staff remains our top priority as we emerge from the pandemic. We will follow any applicable COVID guidelines issued by the Minnesota Department of Health and CDC this fall to ensure a safe return to full, in-person programming.

COVID vaccinations are strongly recommended for everyone 12 and older, though they will not be required for GTCYS participation. We will collect students’ COVID vaccination status with enrollment and use that info to inform fall safety protocols, including any mask requirements or recommendations.

As of now, we anticipate that orchestras will look much more normal:

  • Full-size orchestras will resume weekly rehearsal schedules
  • Orchestras will likely be set up with typical spacing and instrument seating
  • Instrument/bell covers will not be required for woodwind and brass players
  • Temperature checks will not be taken upon arrival
  • Hand sanitization and cleaning protocols will continue
  • Students who are ill or have symptoms of any kind will be asked to stay home, and we may continue health screenings
  • Rehearsals will be livestreamed so absent students can participate virtually

More Resources

Click here for scale references, example audition videos, and more resources to come. Happy practicing!

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