We invite new students, parents, teachers, and community members to experience GTCYS!

Philharmonic Concert

We will provide free tickets to new families and student groups who are interested in being inspired by our young musicians. From prestigious Orchestra Hall to community venues across the metro, GTCYS presents 25 concerts each year. Click here for concert information »

To learn more, contact Program Director Miranda Bryan at 651.602.6807 or miranda@gtcys.org, and click here to sign up for free tickets »

RehearsalObserve a rehearsal!

Rehearsals are the foundation of our program and where the real magic happens. Seeing GTCYS’ conductors inspire and transform our young musicians is a fascinating and informative process. To learn more and schedule a rehearsal visit, contact Program Director Miranda Bryan at 651.602.6807 or miranda@gtcys.org.

Bring a FriendCome to Bring a Friend Night!

Each spring we invite young musicians to bring their instruments and join one of our nine orchestras in rehearsal. The opportunity to participate first-hand – to see, hear, feel and make music with a large ensemble – is a thrilling experience for young musicians interested in taking the next step.

Click here for orchestra details

Bring a Friend Night will take place at evening rehearsals in March of 2020. Registered attendees will receive a welcome packet at the GTCYS orchestra of your choice. Bring your instrument and plan to play along for the rehearsal! Register in advance so we know to set a chair and bring music for you!

Bring a Friend Night Registration


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