More Audition Resources

Audition Excerpt Listening Samples

Use the links below to listen to the pieces featured in the audition excerpts for Philharmonia, Sinfonia, Concertino, Camerata, and Concert Orchestra audition levels. Please note that some pieces are not available as recordings and are missing from these listening samples.

Philharmonia Listening Sample

Sinfonia Winds Listening Samples

Sinfonia and Concertino Strings Listening Samples

Concertino Winds Listening Samples

Camerata and Concert Orchestra Listening Samples (Strings and Winds)

Example Audition Videos

Check out full example auditions from GTCYS students, alum, and staff! Example auditions are provided for strings at the Philharmonia level, and for woodwinds, brass, and percussion at the Sinfonia/Concertino level. See the playlist here.

Audition Recording Tips

GTCYS’ Artistic Director Mark Russell Smith gives advice on recording your audition video and shares some examples of what not to do in your video.

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