International Tours

Touring empowers students with musical, social, and cultural opportunities that will shape their lives for years to come.

Renowned for our rich touring history, GTCYS’ biennial international tours for Symphony were reinstated in June 2014 when 78 students toured Spain and performed by invitation at the Granada International Festival of Music and Dance. Since then, GTCYS students have benefited from successful and exciting tours every other year.

The experiential learning aspects of touring empower students with musical, social, and cultural opportunities that will shape their lives for years to come.

2022 Southern Italy Tour

In June 2022, GTCYS’ flagship orchestra, Symphony, will embark on a much-anticipated concert tour to Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, Sicily, and Rome, performing repertoire such as Vivaldi’s Concerto for 2 Oboes in D Minor, Copland’s Buckaroo Holiday from Rodeo, and Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5. The tour will provide unparalleled opportunities, including collaborations with the Palermo Conservatory of Music and the Santa Cecilia National Academy of Music. Cultural experiences, including visits to Pompeii, the Island of Capri, the Roman Forum, and the Sistine Chapel, will deepen students’ global perspective. Click here for the itinerary.

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2018 Germany, Poland, and Hungary Tour

The June 2018 tour took students on an unforgettable eleven-day journey through Germany, Poland, and Hungary, starting in Berlin, then traveling to Krakow and through the mountains of Poland to Budapest. This Eastern European tour featured iconic historical sites, rich cultural opportunities, beautiful landscapes, and stately architecture. Students performed four concerts, learned about local traditions, experienced local music, and visited important historical sites, including the Berlin Wall and Concentration Camps at Auschwitz/Birkenau. Through these experiences, students developed a new frame of reference for understanding the world, created lifelong friendships, and were inspired to heightened levels of musical performance. Click here to see the itinerary!

GTCYS’ International Touring History


2018 – Germany, Poland, and Hungary Concert Tour

2016 – Argentina Concert Tour

2014 – Spain Concert Tour

2001 China Concert Tour

1999 Eastern Europe Concert Tour

1996 – South America Concert Tour

1994 – Malaysia Concert Tour

Soviet Union

1992 – South Pacific Concert Tour

1990 – Asia Concert Tour

1988 – Soviet Union (CCCP) Concert Tour

1985 – Republic of Costa Rica Concert Tour

1984 – Great Britain and Republic of Ireland Concert Tour

1982 – Federal Republic of Germany Concert Tour

1978 – London, England, Royal Albert Hall, Schools Prom

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