GTCYS Is Expanding!

We are excited to announce that GTCYS will expand its programs with the addition of another school-year orchestra next season to create more opportunities for young musicians from across the region.  

Adding a second Camerata orchestra in fall 2024 will ensure that more intermediate musicians have a place to learn and grow. GTCYS’ current Camerata orchestra will continue rehearsing on Tuesday nights led by esteemed conductor Diane Hallberg. The second Camerata orchestra will be of the same musical level and rehearse on a different night with a new conductor who will be hired through a public search process this spring. We look forward to announcing the new conductor and rehearsal details by early summer. 

“We are heartened by the incredible interest in our orchestras which we believe is a testament to the quality experience and sense of community that GTCYS provides,” said executive director Megen Balda. “Rather than turning students away or capping enrollment, we remain committed to expanding our programs to include as many interested students as possible.” This expansion marks GTCYS’ 11th school-year orchestra and is the result of continued growth in recent years, including a 15% enrollment surge this season. 

This growth also reflects GTCYS’ commitment to level the playing field so students from all backgrounds can thrive. As enrollment has increased, so has the need for scholarship support. This year, GTCYS musicians will benefit from more than $230,000 in financial assistance for tuition and private lessons – up from $23,000 in 2013 – so any student can participate regardless of financial barriers. 

“We’re thrilled that interest from the community is driving the need for this additional orchestra. It’s an opportunity for more students to expand their love of music and grow as individuals,” said artistic director Mark Russell Smith. “We’re thankful for music educators, families, and community of donors whose commitment makes this possible.”  

Registration for GTCYS’ 2024-25 auditions and summer camps is now open! If you’d like to support GTCYS’ growth during this exciting time, make a gift at gtcys.org/donate. Thank you! 

Learn more and apply for the new Camerata conductor opening.  

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