What do I practice for my audition?

Please refer to your full instrument requirements here. An overview is below:

  • Scales
    • Prepare the required scales listed in your selected requirements – use the listed tempos as a guide.
    • Scales are written out for some levels – you can choose any articulation
    • Minor scales can be performed in any form (natural, harmonic, or melodic)
  • Solo
    • Prepare music that demonstrates your best playing abilities. Selections can include solos, studies, school ensemble music, or other works.
    • Your recorded solo should not be more than 3 minutes in length. If needed, please choose a shorter section of your solo to fit this time requirement.
  • Excerpts
    • Excerpts are short sections of music taken from larger pieces of music.
    • Prepare all the excerpts included in your audition level and follow all markings.
    • Look up or translate any unfamiliar musical terms to ensure a successful performance.
    • Listen to recordings of excerpts (when available through YouTube, Spotify, etc.) for guidance with tempos, musicality, and phrasing – your excerpt performance will be judged on all artistic merits, not just note accuracy.

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