Italy Tour Day 11: Rome

Buonasera, from the iconic city of Rome. We have officially completed our performances for the tour! However, this was not the last time we played as a group. After a light breakfast, we found ourselves back on the bus with our instruments to play as an orchestra one last time. This morning, we partnered with the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Youth Orchestra (in essence, the GTCYS of Rome) for an open rehearsal. A few members of their orchestra also joined us. Before we performed though, we got a guided tour of the building and snapped a picture with our new Italian friends. Our music was performed for the last time before we headed back to the busses. Our day ended with a couple of hours of free time with friends (where I had some incredible carbonara and tiramisu) and a farewell dinner at Papa Rex restaurant.

It was a bittersweet day for all of us in the orchestra. For many, it was their last season in GTCYS, while others may have parted from long-time friendships. Though on this trip we have created memories that will last a lifetime and had experiences that will give us a broader understanding of other cultures besides our own. I am incredibly grateful for my time in GTCYS and look forward to sharing my perspective for years to come. Arrivederci Italia!

Izaiah Cheeran, oboe


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