GTCYS Symphony student joins BUTI for the summer!

Inspired by his first year in GTCYS, Mason (Symphony, percussion) spent the summer boosting his percussion skills in the Boston University Tanglewood Institute (BUTI)! BUTI is a premier summer training program for talented young musicians ages 14 to 20, located just down the road from the Tanglewood Music Center: the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO). Because of BUTI’s special relationship with the BSO, students have the opportunity to learn and grow through intensive programming in the presence of some of the world’s greatest music professionals and teachers. Mason looks forward to sharing what he learned at BUTI with GTCYS Symphony this fall! 

Mason sits near the BUTI sign wearing a suit.

Tell us more about the program and how you came to join.
I applied for this summer program because of how much I enjoyed my first year of GTCYS. I plan on a career in music, and I thought that having more experiences would be very beneficial for me. The camp was recommended to me by Izaiah ‘22, a past GTCYS student who also told me about GTCYS. To be accepted I had to write an essay and send in a video audition.  

How has GTCYS influenced your musical journey?
GTCYS has influenced my musical journey in many great ways. At GTCYS I’ve become friends with many great musicians in the Twin Cities area, and have also learned a lot from very great teachers. GTCYS is the first orchestra I’ve ever played in, and the beauty of the music has inspired me to pursue more music in my life.  

What have you learned that you hope to bring back to GTCYS this year?
At BUTI I spent six weeks learning about technique, musical expression, and teamwork. There were many masterclasses and concerts I was able to attend. Everything I learned will help me perform well at GTCYS, while also sharing my new learnings with friends. 

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