GTCYS Philharmonic Delights Young Audiences with Local School Tour

We were thrilled to resume GTCYS school tours this spring! This valuable tradition connects our history of partnering and collaborating with school music educators, and our commitment to sharing music with our community. On April 19, conductor Hisham Bravo Groover and the musicians of Philharmonic performed a day of lively and educational concerts for young audiences at Justice Page Middle School in Minneapolis and Global Arts Plus Elementary School’s lower campus. For many young audience members, this was the first time they had heard a full orchestra perform (let alone an orchestra of student musicians)! Across all four performances, over 800 children of all ages gathered to watch Philharmonic musicians play and demonstrate each instrument’s unique sound.

Conductor Hisham Bravo Groover shares, “The opportunity for GTCYS Philharmonic students to visit schools and perform for a ton of kids is invaluable in so many ways. For one, it’s really rewarding to play for large audiences, especially ones made up of current musicians and students. When they hear and see our students play, many of the kids in the audience are probably thinking Hey, that could be me! Looking at it from an educational point of view, the chance to play multiple performances of the same music instills in our students more confidence and consistency.”  

Philharmonic musicians agreed, they loved sharing their music with the students and hoped they inspired a few of them to pursue music themselves! They also appreciate opportunities to play for a different kind of audience. The students were up close, asking questions, and even dancing in the crowd! One Philharmonic member shared, “It felt like we were really making an impact on [the audiences’] musical future and maybe can inspire them to keep playing music.” The individual sounds demonstrated by each instrument fascinated the students, and a few were invited to sit amongst the orchestra to observe and feel the beat of the music up close! As students exited the concerts, they exclaimed, “That was fun” and “I’m so excited to play the violin now!” 

Each season, GTCYS orchestras perform across the Twin Cities at many community locations and formal concert venues, sharing their music with many different audiences. We are thrilled to resume our school tours as part of the season’s concert offerings. Special events like these provide our musicians with the opportunity to diversify their performing skills and share their music with communities we may not reach with our ticketed concerts at larger venues. GTCYS serves to support and enhance local school music programs, encouraging the benefits of music education for all students! School tours and other free community performances are only possible through the generosity of our donors and supporters. Thank you to all who help students spread the joy of music education and inspire new young musicians’ musical journeys! 

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