Board Member Shares Passion for GTCYS’ Mission

The talent, passion, and dedication of students and families define GTCYS. But outside rehearsal rooms and concert halls is another equally passionate group of leaders: GTCYS’ Board of Directors. Comprised of leaders across all fields in the community, GTCYS’ board helps advance the organization’s mission by providing governance, sharing expertise, and broadening community support.

Hyun Mee Graves, an eight-year board member, is deeply committed to GTCYS. She describes her experience on the board and the joy she has in positively impacting students. “I joined the GTCYS board because I strongly believed and still believe in GTCYS’ mission and the organization’s holistic approach to music education,” Hyun Mee says. “I have continued to serve on the Board for over eight years because GTCYS’ staff and conductors have an unwavering commitment to offering a rich and fulfilling experience to students.”

Since joining the board in 2012, Hyun Mee has helped shape GTCYS’ strategic vision and many new initiatives. “GTCYS has evolved and grown in size, creating new opportunities for a broader audience in recognition that music should and can be accessible to the entire community,” she says. One of these opportunities is Harmony, GTCYS’ strings instruction program which was founded in 2016 and provides instruments and music instruction to third through fifth graders at Riverview West Side School of Excellence. Harmony holds a special place in Hyun Mee’s heart. “Harmony is a specific example of GTCYS’ commitment to increasing access to music education. Harmony started with a small number of students. Today, it has grown tremendously and many students have advanced into our school-year orchestras.”

Harmony is just one of the programs that inspires Hyun Mee to serve. She says that “GTCYS personally resonates with me because of my belief in the power of music and music education.” Hyun Mee and the board of directors play an important part in furthering GTCYS’ mission as well. They come together from different backgrounds to guide the future of GTCYS. “I enjoy being part of a diverse team who has similar values while bringing their unique perspective and professional expertise. I have also loved every time a student has joined our board meetings to share their personal story of how GTCYS has impacted their lives.”

By serving on GTCYS’ Board of Directors, Hyun Mee has seen first-hand the impact music has in young people’s lives. She has also given her own time and expertise to positively impact GTCYS as a whole. And she is still as passionate now as when she first joined. “I believe in GTCYS because I have seen how the organization lives its commitment to delivering an outstanding student experience. The impact reaches individuals and encourages them to strive for excellence.”

GTCYS is actively expanding its board to include new members. To learn about more board service, please contact executive director Megen Balda at megen@gtcys.org.

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