Behind the Scenes of our Music Library

The start of orchestra rehearsals means the preparation of a lot of music for our students. Today, we take you behind the scenes for some fun facts about GTCYS’ music library!
  • More than 750 folders of printed music were distributed to GTCYS students during our first week of orchestra rehearsals.
  • In August, GTCYS’ music librarian Paul Schimming processed (counted, printed, marked, stamped, scanned, and sorted) approximately 4,000 individual parts.
  • GTCYS’ orchestras are currently learning works by over 40 different composers, including three who live in the Twin Cities: Ingrid Koller, Robert Sieving, and Katherine Bergman.
  • 14 pieces programmed this fall will be performed by a GTCYS orchestra for the very first time.
  • GTCYS’ music library contains more than 4,400 sets of music collected over the last 50 years, including everything from solo instrumental works to full orchestral pieces. With an average of about 75 parts per set, that means over 300,000 individual music parts are floating around GTCYS’ music library.
  • Creating new music is vital to expanding students’ musical understanding and showcasing new composers. GTCYS has a long history of commissioning new pieces by living composers with more than 40 pieces written specifically for GTCYS over the last 50 years.
Stay tuned for an announcement about this year’s exciting commissioning project and more about the music our students are learning. As we work to bring new works to life and revisit the classics, it’s clear that we’ll never run out of music to perform! Thanks to our wonderful librarian, Paul, for making the music possible for our students!

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