2024 Tour Day 3: Lyon

Today everyone woke up after a very needed good night’s sleep and got going early for breakfast and then a walking tour. I think I speak for everyone when I say that the breakfast was hands down the best hotel breakfast of all time, there were croissants, fruit and even charcuterie and cheese, 10/10 would eat again. The walking tour was next, we walked around the Basilica and learned about the city, the Basilica was built to honor the Virgin Mary for protecting them. We then walked down a large hill with beautiful arches and flowers and then had some free time for lunch.

For lunch, my friends and I walked around and found a sandwich shop that was super cheap! And we also got a praline bread pastry, which is a Lyon speciality because praline is the signature thing here. We also got macarons which were the best macarons we’ve ever eaten. After lunch, we headed to our first rehearsal on tour!

The Maurice Ravel Auditorium is such an amazing hall, in Maestro’s words, the rehearsal went great, so we ended up not even having to do a sound check before the concert. I wish everyone could come hear us play here because we sound so good in there. The rehearsal took a while but afterwards we just headed back to the hotel for chill time and dinner before our first concert.

Our first concert on tour went great! We saw a trumpet group play before us which was very cool and then we played, although the stage was super hot and inevitably the first row of strings was in Maestro’s splash zone, we pulled through and did really well and got an insane applause. Then we headed back to the hotel for bed, ready to wake up in the morning and go to a new city!

-Amara, flute

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