2024 Tour Day 2: Frankfurt to Lyon

Guten Tag and Bonjour from Frankfurt and Lyon! After a long 8 hour flight from Minneapolis, we landed in Frankfurt, Germany for our layover. Flight group 1 split with group 2 with one group going straight to Lyon and the other going to Geneva.

Once group 1 landed in Lyon, we got our luggage and took the bus to the city center. Some friends and I went out for coffee and food during our free time and spent the rest of the time window shopping exploring the diverse city. The coffee and charcuterie board were delicious!

Flight group 2 flew to Geneva, then Lyon. They were able to view the breathtaking Swiss Alps from above. Their group explored the city of Annecy, France and found place to eat in the city.

We ended our first day in Europe by riding back to our hotel where we had 3 hours to rest and relax before our welcome dinner hosted by the hotel. On the menu tonight was a 3 course meal of a Lyonnaise salad, Lyonnaise sausage and lentils, and a praline tart. After dinner was a very needed sleep in a comfy bed to prep for concert day tomorrow!

Until next time!
-Alicia, clarinet

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