2023-24 Musician Handbook: Administrative and Artistic Staff

GTCYS Office

408 St. Peter Street, Suite 300, Saint Paul, MN 55102
Tel 651.602.6800 | Fax 651.292.3281 | Email mail@gtcys.org

GTCYS Administrative Team

Megen Balda, Executive Director
651.602.6802 megen@gtcys.org

Miranda Bryan, Program Director
651.602.6807 miranda@gtcys.org

Mackenzie Catton, Development Director
651.602.6808 mackenzie@gtcys.org

Adam Rappel, Operations Manager
651.602.6805 adam@gtcys.org

Katie Heilman, Program Associate
651.602.6803 katie@gtcys.org

Andrea Paulet, Communications Manager
651.602.6816 andrea@gtcys.org

Naomi Schroeter, Harmony Manager
651.602.6809 naomi@gtcys.org

GTCYS Artistic Team

Each of GTCYS’ nine conductors is a member of the Artistic Team and plays an integral role in artistic planning, auditioning, placement, and recruiting. Conductors are responsible for conducting rehearsals and performances of the orchestra and selecting repertoire.

Mark Russell Smith, Artistic Director & Symphony conductor

Mary Sorlie, Philharmonia East & West conductor & Harmony Director

Brian Larson, Sinfonia East conductor

Laura Hebert, Sinfonia West conductor

Tamara Gonzalez, Concertino East conductor

Dan Mollick, Concertino West conductor

Diane Hallberg, Camerata conductor

Jack Reynertson, Concert Orchestra conductor

Hisham Bravo Groover, Philharmonic conductor

Rehearsal Assistants                                                 

Rehearsal Assistants (RAs) are the primary point of contact between students, parents, and the staff at GTCYS events. The RA functions as the personnel manager and assistant for each orchestra, undertaking administrative tasks so that the conductor may focus on the orchestra. RAs set up the chairs for the orchestra, take attendance and monitor absences, distribute and collect music, help members with musical needs, and assist the conductor during rehearsals. GTCYS does not provide contact information for our Rehearsal Assistants. Report absences through your orchestra’s Absence Form.


How do I contact my conductor or RA?
Conductors and RAs do not have offices or voicemails at GTCYS. If you need to relay info to an RA, do so in person at rehearsal. You may also speak with your conductor at rehearsal or email. If you have a question for your RA between rehearsals, you may relay it through the Program Associate (Katie Heilman) or Operations Manager (Adam Rappel).

How do I contact the office staff?
GTCYS’ office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm. If you have questions or concerns, contact us at 651.602.6800 or info@gtcys.org. The staff is happy to talk to you.

If you have questions or ideas about any of the following topics, contact:

Attendance: Rehearsal Assistant (RA) or Program Associate

Schedule or events: RA or Operations Manager

Placement/seating within the orchestra: Conductor

Tuition payments: Program Associate

Tuition assistance: Program Director

Student records: Program Associate

Lost music: RA or Librarian

Student and parent concerns: Program Director or Executive Director

Auditions: Program Associate

Fundraising ideas/events: Development Director or Executive Director

Sponsorships or grants: Executive Director

Advertising: Communications and Marketing Manager

Touring: Program Director or Executive Director

Student leadership opportunities: Program Director

Volunteering: Program Associate

Board membership: Executive Director

Alumni: Executive Director

Student & alumni news: Communications and Marketing Manager

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