2023-24 Musician Handbook: Other

School Music Programs

GTCYS’ programs are designed to complement – not substitute – other vital forms of music instruction. GTCYS strongly encourages and fully supports students’ participation and leadership in school band and orchestra programs. If school band or orchestra concerts conflict with a GTCYS activity, students should prioritize attendance at their band or orchestra concert.

Private Lessons

Given how individualized instruction impacts musical growth, students are strongly encouraged to take private lessons. Students encountering financial challenges are encouraged to contact GTCYS about options for private lessons.

Change of Personal Information

It is each family’s responsibility to contact katie@gtcys.org if their contact information (email, address, phone number) changes. GTCYS’ inability to contact a student due to out-of-date or incorrect information is not a valid reason for a student to miss a GTCYS activity, whether regularly scheduled or not.

Change of Private Teacher or School

Please inform us if you change private music teachers or schools. We recognize private teachers, school names and school music directors in our program books and would like to maintain an accurate list. Send any changes to katie@gtcys.org.

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