GTCYS Sponsored Lessons

Students receiving GTCYS Sponsored Lessons benefit from: 

  • 30-minute private lessons, scheduled approximately weekly throughout the school year
  • High-quality private instructor selected and paid by GTCYS
  • Opportunity to improve musical skills through individualized instruction
  • Guidance preparing for future GTCYS auditions

Expectations for participating GTCYS Sponsored Lessons families: 

  • Pay a $20 fee to participate at the beginning of the program
  • Communicate directly with designated teacher to schedule all lessons
  • Uphold consistent attendance at lessons: Missing two lessons without 24 hours’ prior notice to the teacher will result in ineligibility for the remainder of the season’s private lessons.
  • Practice consistently between lessons
  • Provide own transportation to and from lessons if in person; provide device and internet connection if lessons are online
  • Purchase of method books if needed
  • Maintain GTCYS membership in good standing for the entire 2023–24 season and abide by the attendance policy
  • Plan to audition for GTCYS in Spring 2024 (if not graduating)
  • Write a thank you note to GTCYS donors who funded the lessons

GTCYS Sponsored Lessons Application

  • This will be the primary email that GTCYS will use to communicate information about the Sponsored Lessons Program.
  • Enter another email if desired.
  • In a few sentences, describe why you want to receive a scholarship for private lessons, and how lessons would make a difference for you.
  • If GTCYS families are able to pay for a portion of the lessons, then the limited funds for this program will benefit more students. Please indicate if your family would be able to pay a portion of the private lesson tuition for approximately weekly lessons through May 31, 2024. Your response to this question will not affect your eligibility for this program.
  • If I am selected, I agree to the expectations outlined above.

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