50 Years of Alumni: Patrick Hyatte

College(s)/University attended:
In Spring of 2020, I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor’s degree in music under the tutelage of professor Sally O’Reilly. Currently, I am entering my final year of my master’s degree program in violin performance at the University of Denver, studying with Professor Linda Wang.

What years were you in GTCYS?
I participated in GTCYS for the 2015-16 season as a high school senior.

What skills or lessons did you learn in GTCYS that you still use today?
GTCYS further affirmed my decision to make music a part of my life for the rest of my life. It opened so many doors for me professionally and musically. The music-making aspect was so enriching thanks to the amazing artistic faculty.

Why do you think GTCYS is important for students now?
As greatly important as it was for me then, I think GTCYS is super important for kids now because it gives them something positive to hold onto and provides them an opportunity to learn and grow despite any negativity that may be happening in the world. I believe music making is a healing and protective force.

How does music still play a part in your life?
I am still an active musician, studying violin performance at the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music. As a second year graduate student, I will be preparing a master’s recital for next spring, large ensemble concerts & chamber concerts, as well as varying gigs around the greater Denver metro area throughout the year. I am also in training to become a Suzuki certified violin teacher which will help propel my music career even further. I plan for music to be a part of my life forever, and I’ve made it my mission to pass along all the great things I’ve been taught, as a teacher and mentor, to the next generation.

What is your favorite composer or piece of music?
My favorite composer is a complete tossup! There are so many great composers, past and present, that it is much too difficult to choose just one. My favorite piece however is J. S. Bach’s Chaccone. It truly captures the full essence of what it means to be a violinist and encompasses the instrument’s versatility and virtuosity. It’s just undeniably beautiful!

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I serve on Board of Directors for GTCYS as an inaugural alumni board member. Sharing my thoughts and experiences on the Board of Directors has been invaluable. I feel honored to be a voice for those that are less represented and can’t wait to continue to help shape the future of an organization that helped solidify my place in this world as a professional musician.

What do you hope to see from GTCYS in the next 50 years?
In the next 50 years I would like to see GTCYS expand its reach to even more students around the Twin Cities, making it accessible to any and every student eager to make music. It is also my hope that GTCYS can secure their very own venue for all its students, faculty and staff. A place to call home. I think having a permanent “hub” for the entire GTCYS community to learn, make music, create memories, and connect with one another would be a dream come true!

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