String Orchestra Camp Counselor Application

  • Required for current GTCYS students. If you are a GTCYS alumni, enter your own email here.
  • GTCYS will use this number to set up group texts and WhatsApp communications for counselors.
  • Please select your current grade in school. If you are homeschooled and your grade may not reflect your age, please select "other."
  • Please briefly describe your musical experience, both in and out of GTCYS. If you play other instruments in addition to your GTCYS instrument, please list that here.
  • Describe any relevant work, volunteer, or leadership experiences or family responsibilities that have prepared you to be a camp counselor. (Please limit to 3 sentences or a short list.)
  • Please check any of the GTCYS volunteer opportunities that you have taken advantage of:
  • How will you be able to get to camp in downtown St. Paul?
  • All counselors will receive a camp T-Shirt for the concert.
  • For instance: Why do you want to be a String Orchestra Camp Counselor? Do you have any other skills that would come in handy at camp? Do you speak any other languages?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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