GTCYS Student Code of Conduct Form: 2022 Tour of Italy


Each participant of the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies (GTCYS)’ Italy Tour is responsible and accountable for his/her/their actions and behavior. Each student is expected to strictly observe GTCYS’ Code of Conduct as follows. These rules are essential for the safety of the group, the right of each participant to benefit from and enjoy the travel opportunity, and the ability of the orchestra to perform to its full potential.

Violations of these rules may result in the offender being sent home at their family’s own additional expense and/or expulsion from the orchestra.

GENERAL CONDUCT: GTCYS students are traveling as a group, not as individuals. As ambassadors of GTCYS and the United States, each participant’s conduct reflects upon the group as a whole.  It is necessary to respect host organizers, public hotels and transportation, and patrons, and to remember that we are guests of another country and another culture. Because this Code of Conduct cannot detail every possible situation, we count on all participants to use common sense in avoiding situations and behavior that would put themselves or anyone else at risk.

STAYING WITH THE GROUP: Everyone is expected to travel and stay with the student group throughout the duration of the tour. GTCYS members are responsible for informing their chaperones of their whereabouts at all times and obtaining permission to leave in smaller groups if permitted during free time.

On tour, the “buddy system” is always in effect: Members must stay in groups of four when not with the group as a whole and no one is to leave the group on their own.  Any travel deviations or visits with family while on tour must be requested in writing by parents before leaving on the tour, and cannot conflict with the orchestra’s obligations.

PROMPTNESS: The success of the tour depends on each participant’s personal accountability to be on time for every departure and activity. Students are expected to read and follow the itinerary carefully, be mindful of the time, and arrive promptly at each designated activity. Tardiness will not be tolerated given the impact on the entire group’s schedule.

HEALTH & WELLNESS: Tours can be fatiguing for students, especially with jetlag and a full schedule. We ask students to prioritize their individual health and wellness by: getting as much sleep as possible, staying hydrated, eating on schedule, following any COVID-19 protocols mandated by Italy and/or by GTCYS (which may include wearing a mask in certain settings), and notifying an adult as soon as possible if they experience symptoms of COVID-19.

FREE TIME: Students will have designated free time periodically throughout the tour, and will do so in small groups using the buddy system. By undertaking any activity during free time, each student certifies that they are able to participate in that activity and that they are aware that such participation presents certain risks including the risk of personal injury.  Each student who participates in any such activity is willing to assume responsibility for those risks.

HOTEL ROOMS: Students may ONLY visit other students’ rooms until curfew each night. After curfew, all students must remain in their assigned rooms until the next morning’s wake up call.

CURFEW: Curfew (when all students must be in their own rooms for the night) and lights out times will be determined and announced by GTCYS staff and chaperones each day, and must be observed by all students. Chaperones will check in with students at curfew each night.

CHAPERONES: Each staff member and chaperone has disciplinary authority over any and all students. Students are expected to respond quickly and politely to any request from a chaperone and/or staff member.

MUSIC & VIDEOS: When viewing videos or playing music on devices, students must use headphones and a modest volume level so as not to disrupt others.

SWIMMING: On this tour, students may have the opportunity to swim in a hotel pool or the ocean (in groups using the buddy system) where lifeguards will not be present. Students are expected to assess their own skill and comfort levels in deciding whether or not to swim.

PUBLIC CONDUCT: When in public places – especially airports, airplanes, buses, boats, cultural sites, and concert venues – students should demonstrate great respect to others by avoiding loud and distracting behavior.

PROPERTY: A student’s parent or legal guardian assumes financial responsibility for any damage to personal, private, or public property caused by actions of the student, whether intentional or accidental, and any student causing such damage will be subject to disciplinary action.

DRUGS: The possession or use of any illegal drugs, prescription drugs not prescribed by a doctor, or drug paraphernalia will result in immediate expulsion from the tour and from GTCYS.  Students will be sent home immediately at parents’/guardians’ expense.

ALCOHOL: The consumption or possession of alcohol by students is not permitted and will not be tolerated regardless of age or local customs. The parents of any student caught, suspected or in possession of drinking/alcohol will be contacted immediately and the student will be sent home at the parents’ expense and may be expelled from the orchestra.

SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted and will not be tolerated regardless of age or local customs.  The parents of any student caught, suspected or in possession of smoking/cigarettes will be contacted immediately and the student may be sent home at the parents’ expense and may be expelled from the orchestra.

DISCIPLINARY ACTION: Failure to abide by the details outlined in this Code of Conduct will result in varying degrees of disciplinary action including:

  • Grounded: students will be isolated from the group and required to stay with a chaperone or staff on the bus or at the hotel, and will not be allowed to participate in group activities.
  • Sent home: students will be sent home on the next flight from Europe at parents’ full expense.
  • Expulsion from GTCYS: students will not be allowed to participate in GTCYS again.

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