Audition Registration

Please note that auditions are open for new auditions only. If you already auditioned for the 2021-22 season, you may not audition again. Thank you!


You’re about to take your first step towards joining GTCYS. Auditions are opportunities for you to play your instrument for us so we can get to know you and match you with one of our ten incredible orchestras. Please fill out this registration form to get started. You can check current openings for instruments in each orchestra here – please make sure to double-check this list before registering.

Audition Steps

  1. Register for an audition – you’re doing that now!
  2. Follow your instrument audition requirements.
  3. Practice, practice, practice!
  4. Record your audition video and submit it online by December 7.

Audition Registration Fee

A $40 audition registration fee (non-refundable and not applicable to tuition) is due with your registration. A reduced fee of $5 is available for families experiencing financial hardship and/or for families who anticipate applying for tuition assistance. We encourage families to pay the audition registration fee that best fits their current financial situation. If you have questions about the registration fee, please contact program assistant Katie Heilman at katie@gtcys.org or 651.602.6803 before completing this form.

Your contact information will only be used by GTCYS and will not be distributed to outside parties.

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