Audition Details

2020-21 Audition Update

All students are required to audition each year to determine placement. To prioritize students’ well-being during the COVID-19 outbreak and to reduce barriers for participation, students will submit a recorded video of their 2020-21 audition through an online portal, instead of auditioning in person. Auditions for the second semester are now open for instruments where there are openings. Students may only submit one video for the 2020-21 season.

Scroll down to find audition samples, video tech tips, and tutorials!

Current Openings by Instrument:

Violin: Philharmonia East, Philharmonia West, Sinfonia East, Concertino East, Concertino West*, Concert Orchestra*
Viola: All orchestras except Philharmonia West, Camerata, and Symphony
Cello: Sinfonia East, Concertino East, Concert Orchestra, Philharmonic*
Bass: Philharmonia East, Philharmonia West, Sinfonia East, Sinfonia West, Concertino East, Concert Orchestra, Philharmonic
Flute: Sinfonia East, Sinfonia West, Concertino East*, Concertino West*
Oboe: Sinfonia East, Sinfonia West, Concertino East, Concertino West
Clarinet: Sinfonia East*, Sinfonia West*, Concertino West
Bassoon: Sinfonia East, Sinfonia West, Concertino East, Concertino West
Horn: Sinfonia East, Sinfonia West, Concertino East, Concertino West
Trumpet: All orchestras except Camerata and Symphony
Tuba: Sinfonia East, Concertino East, Concertino West, Concert Orchestra, Philharmonic
Percussion: All orchestras

*Limited openings

Video Audition Overview

Video auditions will include a two-step process: 1) Students must register online for an audition, and 2) submit an audition video through an online portal.

Step 1: Register Online for an Audition at Any Time

  • All students interested in auditioning for a place in GTCYS for the 2020-21 season must first register online for an audition. This process has not changed from in-person auditions. There is no registration deadline.
  • A $40 audition fee (non-refundable and not applicable to tuition) is due with your registration. A reduced fee of $5 is available for families experiencing financial hardship and/or for families who anticipate applying for a need-based scholarship. We encourage families to pay the audition fee that best fits their current financial situation. If you have questions about the audition fee, please contact Program Assistant Katie Heilman at katie@gtcys.org before completing the registration form.

Step 2: Submit an Audition Video Online

  • Students will need to record and submit an audition video using a YouTube link in place of an in-person, live audition. Please refer to the audition requirements here.
  • Videos are still being accepted on a rolling basis for open positions through August.
  • A video submission form (separate from the audition registration form) will be emailed to all registered students.
  • Before submitting the audition video through our online form, students must first upload the video to YouTube. You will be asked to include the video link in the submission form.
  • NEW! Guidelines and tips for recording and uploading your audition video are outlined below.
  • Note for percussionists: Due to equipment needs, all percussion auditions will be held in-person by appointment. Percussionists should still register for an audition (Step 1 above). GTCYS staff will follow up with you to share more details and schedule an audition time. Percussion auditions will follow social distancing requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact GTCYS’ Program Assistant Katie Heilman.

View Sample Audition Videos:

Recording Your Audition Video:

What should I use to record my audition video?
Recordings can be made with basic equipment, including a smart phone, tablet, or laptop with a built-in microphone and video camera. High quality recording equipment is NOT necessary. If you do not have access to technology or adequate internet access, please contact us so we can support you. 

Where should I record my audition video?
We recommend recording in a quiet room with the door closed, with minimal visual distractions and background noise. Let your family know when you’re recording!

How do I set up my recording device?
There are several ways to best set up your recording device. We’ll walk you through some of the most common devices. In all instances, position yourself so that your instrument and your full person are visible in the video so judges can assess your technique and posture. This is easiest if someone helps you! 

  • Smartphone/tablet:
    Record your video using the main camera on your smartphone or tablet, not the front-facing selfie camera. Set your device to film in landscape (horizontal) not portrait (vertical). Prop your smartphone or tablet on a stable surface to record you video audition. Use books, water bottles, a music stand, or any other objects to make a stable surface for your device. 
  • Laptop/computer:
    • Mac: You can use any video recording app. All Macs come with the Photo Booth app pre-installed. You can find this by pressing command + space and typing “Photo Booth in the pop-up search field. Then, click on the Photo Booth app. Visit Apple’s Photo Booth User Guide for more help on using Photo Booth, including how to record a video and how to save your video.  
    • PC: You can use any video recording app. All PCs running Windows 10 come with the Camera app pre-installed. To open your Camera app, select the Start button, and then select Camera in the list of apps. Visit Microsoft’s Support Page for more help on using the Camera app.

We strongly encourage you to make a test video to familiarize yourself with your technology, check sound levels, and troubleshoot in advance of filming your audition video.

Uploading Your Audition Video:

How do I create a YouTube channel?
Students must upload the audition video to YouTube. You will need a Google account in order to create a YouTube channelClick here for instructions on how to create a Google account. 

Once you have a Google account, you can create a YouTube channel. Click here for instructions on how to create a YouTube channel. 

How do I upload my audition video?
Follow these step-by-step instructions to upload your audition video:

1. While signed into your YouTube channel, click the video camera icon in the upper right corner, and select “Upload Video”.

2.Select your audition video file to uploa

3. In “Details”, title your video in this format: FirstName LastName, Instrument, GTCYS Audition (example: Alex Smith, Violin, GTCYS Audition)

4. In “Visibility” selected Unlisted for your video.

5. Click “Save” and your video will finish uploading.

6. Once uploaded, copy and paste the link into the the online form, which you will receive after you register for your audition.

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